Introducing the new Pella Contractor Program.

Now our members get even more.

For years, Pella has been a trusted resource for professional contractors. Now working with Pella is even more rewarding. Our extensive new package of tools can help strengthen your reputation and bolster your business – making it a must-have for pros like you.

Enhanced program benefits include:

  • Expanded lead-generation sources.
  • Improved sales tools to help you close more deals.
  • Increased education around product, install, sales and marketing.

More benefits to boost your bottom line.

We asked you what you needed from your window and door supplier. You told us
you wanted help finding and winning new jobs. You said you needed easy and effective ways to get your name out there. And you requested education programs that set your team and your business apart.

We heard you. So we created a bigger, better Pella Contractor Program
with more tools to help you:

Benefit Heading Image 1

Strengthen Your Reputation

Putting the Pella brand to work for you aligns your company with a national name your customers know and trust.

Benefit Heading Image 2

Drive More Sales

Pella lead-generation programs can help you find more customers. And tools like digital quoting and homeowner financing options can help you close more deals.

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Gain the Edge

Pella education and certification programs help keep you ahead of your competition, while our product, business and marketing insights keep you in tune with customer needs.

Member Benefits

The Pella Contractor Program offers members three levels of benefits. The more you grow your business with Pella, the more time- and money-saving tools you rack up.


Business Accelerator MemberPella Certified ContractorPlatinum Pella Certified ContractorPlatinum Pella Certified Contractor Elite
Minimum Required Program Sales Level with Pella$0$50K$300K$500K*
StrengthenStrengthen Your Reputation
Leveraging Pella Brand and Certified Claims Check_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_3.svgCheck_4.svg
Professional, Easy-to-Use Advertising Templates Check_1.svgCheck_1.svgCheck_1.svg
Website Services and Digital Promotions Check_1.svgCheck_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_3.svg
Co-op Marketing Funding Incentive Funds Check_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_3.svg
DriveDrive More Sales
Sales Samples, Literature and Kits Check_1.svgCheck_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_2.svg
Leads and Lead-Generation Services Check_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_3.svgCheck_3.svg
Digital and Simple Quoting Tools Check_1.svgCheck_1.svgCheck_1.svg
Priority Support Check_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_2.svg
Homeowner Financing Check_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_2.svg
GainGain the Edge
Product Education Check_1.svgCheck_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_2.svg
Install Education Check_1.svgCheck_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_2.svg
Sales Education Check_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_2.svg
Marketing Education Check_1.svgCheck_2.svgCheck_2.svg
Pella Contractor Summit Check_1.svgCheck_1.svg

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What's New?

The enhanced Pella Contractor Program gives you even more tools to help grow your business.

  • Expanded lead-generation program that taps into other industry-recognized brands to deliver more qualified leads.
  • More at-the-ready marketing and advertising materials to help you find and win new jobs.
  • Digital quoting and financing options that encourage customers to buy now, not later.

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