Energy Retrofits: Window ROI and Comfort - The Whole Story

1 AIA/CES LU, 1 Contact hour, 1 Hour of Health/Safety/Welfare

Learning Objectives

  • Review the historic evaluation of fenestration design and the opportunity for energy retrofit projects in the US Market.
  • Calculate the energy savings impact of air-filtration reduction via window replacement projects.
  • Quantify financial payback of window replacement considering both direct energy savings and indirect energy savings via occupant comfort.
  • Prioritize energy retrofit projects based on the potential for energy savings opportunity via window replacement.

Program Description

The Weidt Group and Pella Corporation have completed a multi-building study on the effects of window replacement on building energy consumption. Case study buildings include schools, office buildings, municipal and hospitality from geographic locations across the US.

The building envelope is a complex system of materials with multiple interface points. Windows are typically the weakest link in the envelope can have significant impact on energy savings. Yet many analysis approaches overly simplify the variables associated with window replacement when calculating the potential for energy savings. This course describes in detail the methods used to test and model two typically overlooked sources of energy savings; air infiltration associated with window replacement and building occupant comfort.

Key differences in energy savings results from the case studies are identified and explained, leading the audience to a better understanding of the primary drivers of window replacement energy savings. The presentation concludes with a summary of attributes that can be used to identify high potential window replacement projects, in terms of potential energy savings.

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