Window Performance Requirements for Commercial Buildings

1 AIA/CES LU, 1 Contact Hour, 1 Hour of Health/Safety/Welfare, 1 Hour of Sustainable Design

Learning Objectives

  • List the environmental factors that determine the wind pressures on a building.
  • Determine the appropriate level of wind resistance for your buildings based on the requirements of the building code, thus contributing to safe buildings.
  • Specify the appropriate level of water resistance for your buildings based on recommendations in industry standards, thus contributing to buildings with high indoor air quality.
  • Using the AIA Masterspec as a guide, edit the specifications for wind and water performance for your next project, thus establishing the basis-of-design for a safe, healthy building.

Program Description

Designing for wind and water are two of the major criteria that architects consider in the design of all buildings and their fenestration systems. In this seminar we discuss how new industry standards and building codes impact the design of fenestration systems.

Based on the International Building Code we review code requirements for wind design. Then we use the latest window industry standard to examine what kind of water performance is needed. Finally, we discuss how to specify wind and water performance using the AIA Masterspec as the basis for our discussion.

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