Wood Window and Door Solutions for Commercial Success: Balancing Performance, Aesthetics, and Budget

1 AIA/CES LU, 1 Contact Hour, 1 Hour of Health/Safety/Welfare, 1 Hour of Sustainable Design

Learning Objectives

  • List ten design options available with wood windows and doors that contribute to interior environments that are livable, comfortable, productive, safe, and beautiful.
  • Describe five product quality attributes that impact indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency.
  • Identify which performance characteristics are most important when specifying windows and doors which minimize air and water leakage while contributing to day lighting and natural ventilation.
  • Compare how product cost is impacted by performance and design options.

Program Description

A detailed analysis and comparison of several different window and door product lines available for use in commercial construction. Offered at varying price points, these comprehensive product lines allow the architect to balance performance, aesthetics, and budget.

Topics of discussion include quality considerations, innovative technology, energy efficiency, design flexibility, product performance, exterior finishes and glass technology and performance.

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