Smart Patio Design for Backyard Bliss

Outdoor spaces are an extension of the home — places for gathering, making memories and enjoying life. For summer inspiration, consider these three ideas to help your customers bring their backyard to life.

Forget coloring inside the lines. Blurred lines are cool.
We all know that bringing the outdoors in has been a hot interior design trend in recent years. But patio design is more about blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. You want to create a space that allows people to interact with both environments, no matter which side of the door they are standing on.

As a builder or contractor, you can accomplish this by incorporating architectural elements that let spaces flow seamlessly into each other – like Pella® ScenescapeTM patio doors. The collection features three styles — multi-slide, lift-and-slide and bifold — with large glass door panels that help expand the views of indoor and outdoor living spaces. With Scenescape doors, homes magnificently blend into the nature that surrounds them. It’s the perfect way to convert any space into a blissful place.

Form follows function. Always.
If you live in a patio-friendly climate, you want to take advantage of being outside whenever weather permits. However, people don’t enjoy spending time outside if their spaces are poorly designed. If you have a client who wants to enhance their patio, make sure to create a space that’s the proper size and configuration for the types of activities and entertaining that will take place with family and friends.

You also want to give people a reason to engage within the space. Fire and water features, spas and TVs draw people outside and keep them outside.

Patios are a wonderful thing. So make the most of them.
What good is a patio if you can’t enjoy it year round? An upgraded outdoor living space can be a significant investment for homeowners, so you want them to be able to use the space as much as possible. To create a patio they can use throughout the entire year, try adding fire features, infrared heaters and wind blocks, such as natural fences, privacy screens or even a hanging garden.

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patio doors gallery
patio doors gallery

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