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How a Former Pella Skeptic Became a Platinum Pella Certified Contractor®

See how a Platinum Certified Contractor improved his business after partnering with Pella.

Barry Roewe, president of TrueSon Exteriors and Construction in Columbia, Missouri, didn’t always consider himself a “Pella guy.”

“I used to believe that because Pella was a high-end product, it would have a high-end price tag. Then after I did a few Pella projects, I got to know our local Pella rep. He showed me that even with a high-end product, there are price tags to meet everyone’s budgets.” 

Roewe admits that he wishes he had made the realization sooner. “Looking back, I realize that had I partnered with Pella earlier, I would be in a much, much stronger position in terms of windows now.”

Since beginning his career as a contractor in 2010, Roewe has seen his business flourish. But he wasn’t always sure that working in construction was the path he was going to take.

“I always loved person-to-person conversation, but selling insurance or something like that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go,” he explained. “I started working in sales for a contractor and discovered how much I enjoy home improvement. And I felt a lot of gratification seeing houses get updated and become more efficient.”

Partnering with Pella helped reassure Roewe that he made the right career move – especially after moving quickly up the ranks to Platinum Pella Certified Contractor® and seeing a significant spike in sales.

“We’re promoting the heck out of our Platinum status, and partnership with Pella has made our process much more streamlined,” Roewe explained. “Plus, knowing that we’re in the top 1% of contractors in the nation that work with Pella gives our staff great confidence when working with homeowners.”

Roewe is quick to take advantage of Pella program benefits like co-op dollars, GreenSky® Financing, training and sales tools. But he believes it’s connections he’s made through the program that are the most valuable.

“While Pella is a national brand, it very much has a family atmosphere in terms of support. We talk to the same people all the time and can tell they really care about our business,” Roewe stated. “Our rep makes sure Pella is in the front of our minds, which makes us feel good. It reassures us that Pella is there when we need them.”

In addition to the relationships Roewe has built with his Pella team, he’s also benefitted from the connections he made with other trade professionals at the Platinum Pella Certified Contractor Summit.  

“The Contractor Summit was extremely eye-opening. It was really valuable to be in the same room with other Platinum Contractors and hear how they attack their markets,” he said. “It also exposed areas we could improve on and brought to light opportunities for how we could increase sales.”

Roewe has confidence that the relationships he has with Pella will last far into the future, which he sees as a great benefit not only to his company but also to his customers.

 “If ever there was a stable company, it’s Pella. With Pella, I know I’ll always keep my promises,” Roewe said. “With Pella, customers know that there are no smoke and mirrors. Just all meat and potatoes.”

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