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New Pella Lifestyle Series: Our Latest Innovation in Wood Windows and Patio Doors

Pella® wood products are known for providing homeowners with beauty, style flexibility and long-lasting durability. And with new Pella Lifestyle Series products, you can offer your customers the #1 performing wood windows and patio doors for the combination of sound, energy and value.1

Customization Without Compromise
Lifestyle Series allows homeowners to choose their window or patio door style and then add features and options to create the right blend of function and style for their project and budget. With 37 time-tested innovations, like between-the-glass blinds and shades, built-in security sensors and Rolscreen® retractable screens, customers can tailor their windows and doors to each room in their home, which may not be easy to do with other manufacturers’ windows.

“Competitors find that adding blinds between the glass can have an impact on performance. But with our smart, proven design, we don’t have to compromise,” explained Courtney Hartman, associate product manager at Pella Windows and Doors. “And because optional add-ons are integrated, contractors and architects can offer customized options while maintaining the industry’s best limited lifetime warranty for wood products.2

Lifestyle Series products allow builders and architects to provide customers with the #1 performing wood window and patio door for the combination of sound, energy and value.1 In fact, Lifestyle Series windows and patio doors have an available performance option that is on average 83% more energy-efficient than single-pane windows3 – and they’ve been designated as ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient certified products. Available sound-control performance options reduce 52% more sound than single-pane windows4, helping prevent outside noise like traffic and lawnmowers from disturbing homeowners.

“Sound control is becoming more and more important to customers. Offering sound performance options helps contractors separate themselves from the competition,” Hartman said. “They're able to offer sound solutions that many others don’t.” Learn how to choose soundproof windows for your project.

Performance Packages
Homeowners have five performance packages to choose from. The Performance Package takes products from dual-pane to triple-pane glass, offering improved energy efficiency and sound performance. The Energy Efficiency package adds AdvancedComfort Low-E glass for greater thermal performance. For enhanced sound dampening, homeowners can choose the Sound Control package, which features a triple-pane with mixed glass thicknesses. And the Ultimate Performance package combines energy efficiency and sound control for the most homeowner comfort.

One way Lifestyle Series products stand out from the rest is with an efficient design that enables better performance while keeping costs reasonable.

“The design of our triple-pane unit is optimized so that homeowners get the best combination of insulated glass plus a third pane,” Hartman stated. “We can get better performance without having to go to higher-cost solutions like laminate glass.”

See for yourself how you can offer homeowners purposeful innovations for their real-life challenges. Contact your Pella rep today to explore new Pella Lifestyle Series windows and patio doors.

1Performance solutions offering an unbeatable combination of energy efficiency, sound control and value require upgrades to triple-pane, AdvancedComfort Low-E and mixed-glass thickness. Based on comparing product quotes and published STC/OITC and U-Factor ratings of leading national wood window and patio door brands.

2Based on comparing written limited warranties of leading national wood window and wood patio door brands. See Pella written Limited Warranty for details, including exceptions and limitations, at, or contact Pella Customer Service.

3Performance solutions require upgrades to triple-pane and AdvancedComfort Low-E. Window energy efficiency calculated in a computer simulation using RESFEN 6.0 default parameters for a 2000-square-foot new construction single-story home when comparing Pella Lifestyle Series windows to a single-pane wood or vinyl window. Double-hung windows are not available with triple-pane glass. The energy efficiency and actual savings will vary by location. The average window energy efficiency is based on a national average of 94 modeled cities across the country with weighting based on population. For more details, see

4Performance solutions require upgrades to triple-pane and mixed glass thickness. Reduction in sound based on OITC ratings of Pella Lifestyle Series windows to a single-pane wood or vinyl window with an OITC of 19. Double-hung windows are not available with triple-pane glass. Calculated by using the sound transmission loss values in the 80 to 4000 Hz range as measured in accordance with ASTM E-90(09). Actual results may vary.

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