Keith Eymann is an award-winning contractor in Kansas City whose work has been featured in Architectural Digest

Finding Success in Modern Design

Award-winning contractor Keith Eymann isn’t afraid to explore new trends. After all, his Kansas City-based Ambassador Homes first made a name for itself by promoting energy-efficient construction techniques during the 1970s energy crisis.

“We did pretty radical things back then. It really set us apart from the competition,” Eymann said. “We still approach everything with that spirit of innovation.”

That forward thinking blends seamlessly with Eymann’s other true passion – contemporary design.

“We’re not trying to be too trendy. Good materials, good products and good design never go out of style,” Eymann explained.

This top contractor is drawn to clean lines, open floor plans and large panes of glass that the contemporary aesthetic is known for. He also gains design inspiration by traveling the country to see what’s popular in different regions. Right now natural wood and falling water are two coastal-area trends that he’d like to work with.

10 Emerging Home Trends to Watch
Keeping a pulse on emerging trends is critical to Eymann's success.
These home trends are currently on his radar:

  • Lots of windows
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart technology
  • Natural, high-quality woods
  • A sense of proportion
  • Simple trims
  • Green spaces
  • Natural stone
  • Flat or low-pitched roofs
  • Open floor plans

“Most homes in my area tend to be more traditional, like country French or Tuscan style, but we’re seeing our clients shift to more modern trends,” Eymann stated. “They’re moving away from oversized homes toward smaller, more functional contemporary spaces.” 

According to Eymann, his customers are also becoming more educated – and more involved in the process.

“The houses we build are one of a kind, and they’re very special to our clients. Being open with communication – explaining the process from beginning to end – is so helpful to them.”

One feature that several of Eymann’s clients are asking for is the ability to control their homes remotely from their smartphones.

“Luckily, the modern technology my clients are looking for works really well with the contemporary look,” Eymann acknowledged.  

Working with Pella allows Eymann to accommodate customers no matter what tastes they favor.

“Pella’s name recognition is good for my business. Customers love seeing all their options, and the much smaller frame size works for both traditional and contemporary,” Eymann said. “No one has ever said to me, ‘I don’t want Pella windows.’”

As for Eymann, contemporary windows will always be his go-to, thanks to their timeless quality. He even has them in his office.

“The narrower profile has a look that works for both modern and traditional styles,” Eymann added. “I’d like to put Pella contemporary in my house, too.”

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