new pella integrated rolscreen retractable window screen

A Hidden Window Screen for Convenience and Looks

The Integrated Rolscreen® retractable screen moves seamlessly with the sash, appearing when you open the window and rolling out of sight when you close it.

Pella’s drive to innovate continues to move the industry forward with the introduction of our latest product – the new Integrated Rolscreen® retractable window screen. The screen seamlessly moves with the sash of a double- or single-hung window and appears when the window is opened, then hides away when it’s closed. This new innovation adds style and convenience in an all-new way to the Architect Series® Reserve™ product line.

The Integrated Rolscreen innovation gives users a cleaner, more polished look on the interior and exterior of their homes while allowing more light to stream in, with no need for seasonal screen storage. Now, homeowners have the option of protected airflow when they want it – and preserved style when they don’t.

functionality of Integrated Rolscreen technology and how it fits within the sash.

The above illustration demonstrates the functionality of Integrated Rolscreen technology and how it fits within the sash.

Our engineers used high-strength magnets to keep the screen connected to the sash for a taut, durable feeling. When the sash is tilted in, the screen disconnects and soft-closes into the sill. When the sash is returned to the jamb and closed, the magnets reengage the screen for continued use. This function not only allows easy access to the glass for easy cleaning but prevents the screen from unintentionally disconnecting.

The Integrated Rolscreen retractable screen is made from high-quality components and uses high-transparency InView™ fiberglass mesh, which allows in more natural light and airflow than conventional materials. The Integrated Rolscreen window screen is backed by a 10-year transferable limited warranty, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Rigorously tested in a variety of conditions, this product was made with builders and homeowners in mind. Designed for ease of accessory management, the lower screen has small cardboard inserts that prevent it from unintentionally attaching and getting damaged during transport or installation. And while the screen is unlikely to incur damages, if something does happen, the entire Rolscreen cartridge is easy to fix or replace for convenient service.

With the Integrated Rolscreen innovation, homeowners get the benefit of a hidden screen with a cleaner, more polished look inside and out.

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