Exterior of a brick home with energy efficient windows and doors by Pella

How to Deliver the Energy Efficiency Your Customers Demand

Homeowners’ interest in energy efficiency is growing with every year. And while it’s a feature most everyone wants, it’s one that few homeowners understand beyond its cost and in-home comfort implications. Equipped with the right language and proper selling points, you’ll have the tools needed to make energy efficiency an easy sell.

Point 1: Pella provides high-quality products with ENERGY STAR® ratings.

ENERGY STAR is a government-backed entity whose goal is to help homebuyers save money and protect the environment with energy-efficient product designs and practices.

To become a partner, Pella and its products had to meet ENERGY STAR’s tough requirements1. And Pella has received nine different awards recognizing elite performance and dedication – the second-most of any manufacturer within our category – and is one of only 10 companies to ever win an award. This means we don’t just say we’re energy-efficient – ENERGY STAR says it for us.

Point 2: Pella quality is proven with rigorous design testing.

Since its inception, Pella has been known for quality. With rigorous testing, we continue to improve on quality and efficiency from the smallest product components to the entire finished assembly.

Pella product designs are tested to help ensure a low rate of energy loss. For improved efficiency, Pella also offers the benefit of a second or third windowpane with Low-E coating and argon gas. These elements can be combined to create the right level of comfort and energy utilization for each homeowner’s taste.

Point 3: A range of glass options are available for your climate.

Each climate has its own set of challenges. That’s why our products are available with up to three windowpanes for enhanced energy efficiency and in-home comfort. Low-E insulating glass with argon is one of the most popular options because of its ability to perform in the heat and the cold. With additional layers of Low-E coating, Pella products® not only provide excellent energy efficiency, but also offer up to 87% ultraviolet resistance2.

1 Pella did not apply for ENERGY STAR partnership in 2018.

2 Three panes of glass also available on select product lines for increased energy efficiency. Blocks 87% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Optional high-altitude Advanced Low-E insulating glass does not contain argon in most products. Please see your local Pella sales representative for more information.

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