The Platinum Pella Certified Contractor Program has opened doors for me

More than 40 years with Pella takes this contractor to #1

See how this Platinum Pella Certified Contractor® has found success with Pella for more than 40 years.

Kyle Adkins was the recent winner of Pella’s Platinum Contractor Summit grand prize; a 16-foot enclosed trailer!

Kyle Adkins was the recent winner of Pella’s Platinum Contractor Summit grand prize – a 16-foot enclosed trailer!

Kyle Adkins of Adkins & Sons in Southgate, Michigan, is the ultimate example of loyalty. He's been working with Pella for more than 40 years! today, Adkins & Sons is one of the Detroit metro's top window contractors with a client base of more than 16,000 customers.

Adkins credits the Platinum Pella Certified Contractor® Program for strengthening his company's reputation.

"It's opened quite a few doors for me. When someone picks up the phone and calls me and says, 'I got your number from a website because you are a Platinum Pella Certified Contractor. That must mean that you are very qualified for what you do.'"

By helping attract new customers, Pella positively affects Adkins' bottom line, "What I really like about the partnership with Pella is the ability to make money. Pella has been good to me."

Adkins' loyalty to Pella began as a consumer of the product. He used Pella windows when he built his own home, and he was hooked. Adkins said, "If they're installed correctly, stained correctly and finished, they're just like a piece of fine furniture. This is the best you're going to get."

Reminiscing about his astounding 40+ years with Pella, he noted, "I've sold thousands upon thousands of Pella windows. I've had this appreciation and this in-depth feeling about quality products throughout my career."

While Adkins has increased his benefits by buying from Pella, he's also developed a strong relationship with his rep.

"My Pella rep works directly for us. She helps us gain a foothold on challenging jobs and provides answers to tough questions," Adkins remarked.

Recently, as a platinum member of the program, Adkins had the opportunity to meet with other platinum contractors throughout the company and ended up winning Pella's Platinum Contractor Summit grand prize – a 16-foot enclosed trailer!

Adkins explained his plans for the prize, "We'll build countertops and shelving on the inside to hold tools and equipment. We'll use it on the job."

While Adkins can envision a day when one of his sons takes over the business, he's enjoying himself too much right now to retire, "It's a good business to be involved in, especially right now in the Detroit area. Business is good. Money is good."

With more than 40 years of success, Adkins has plenty of valuable experience to share with his fellow contractors, "Surround yourself with intelligent, hardworking people; buy quality products; and many doors will open for you. I'm very happy to be associated with Pella and the partnership that they offer."

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