Vinyl Installation Systems - Pella 350 Series

Pella offers a full range of installation systems to accommodate the installation of Pella 350 Series windows and patio doors in virtually any structure.

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250 Series and Encompass Vinyl Installation Systems

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  2. Renovation
  3. Technical Documents
  1. Methods of Attachment
  2. Punched Openings
  3. Combinations (Mulling)
  4. Exterior Trim Options
  5. Interior Trim Options

New Construction Methods of Attachment

Methods of Attachment

Integral Fin

  • The integral fin design features a continuous fin, allowing the window frame to be integrated into the building's weather-resistant barrier using the Pella Window and Door Installation Method
  • This total installation solution includes our exclusive SmartFlash® installation tape and low-expansion, low-pressure polyurethane insulating window and door foam sealant
Integral Fin

Integral Fin with J-Channel

Integral Fin with J-Channel
  • Downloadable Install Details

Block Frame

  • The block frame provides a variety of attachment and installation options
  • Windows can be installed in wood/steel frame openings using jamb screws
  • Block frames may also be used in window replacement projects without removing the existing frame or damaging the exterior

Block Frame with Screw Attachment

Block Frame with Screw Attachment
  • Downloadable Install Details
      Single-Hung Block Frame with Brick Veneer – DWG | DXF

Block Frame with Clip Attachment

Block Frame with Clip Attachment
  • Downloadable Install Details
      Single-Hung Block Frame with Installation Clips – DWG | DXF


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