Fiberglass Installation Systems

Pella offers a full range of installation systems to accommodate the installation of Pella® Impervia® windows and patio doors in virtually any building.

Wood Installation Systems

350 Series Vinyl Installation Systems

250 Series and Encompass Vinyl Installation Systems

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  2. Punched Openings
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New Construction Methods of Attachment

There are many options for installing Pella® Impervia® fiberglass composite windows in new construction and renovation projects1

  • Nailing fins
  • Flanges
  • Block frames with fins
  • Masonry clips or jamb screws

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Integral Fin

Integral Fin

The integral fin design features a continuous fin, allowing the window frame to be integrated into the building's weather-resistant barrier using the Pella Window and Door Installation Method.2

This total installation solution includes our exclusive SmartFlash® installation tape and low-expansion, low-pressure polyurethane insulating window and door foam sealant.

  • Downloadable Install Details
      Integral Nailing Fin with Brick Veneer – DWG | DXF
      Integral Nailing Fin with Siding – DWG | DXF
      Integral Nailing Fin with Southwestern Style Stucco – DWG | DXF
      Integral Nailing Fin with Vinyl Siding – DWG | DXF

Block Frame

  • The block frame provides a variety of attachment and installation options
  • Windows can be installed in wood/steel frame openings using optional fins, or in masonry openings using installation clips or jamb screws
  • Block frames may also be used in window replacement projects without removing the existing frame or damaging the exterior

Block Frame with Offset Fin

  • The continuous offset nailing fin is designed for use in new construction with thin exterior claddings like stucco, thus allowing the window to be located more to the interior
  • When the offset is not required, a standard profile fin is available (Shown below with dashed lines.)
Block Frame with Offset Fin

Block Frame with Installation Clip

For new construction or window replacement where wall conditions or construction sequence requires installation from inside the building.

Block Frame with Installation Clip

  • Downloadable Install Details
      Door with Concrete Block and Brick Veneer – DWG | DXF
      Window with Concrete Block and Brick Veneer – DWG | DXF
      Installation Fins, Jamb Extensions, Installation Clip – DWG | DXF

Block Frame with Screw Attachment

For new construction or window replacement where normal fin/tape installation cannot be accomplished because of wall conditions or construction sequence.

Block Frame with Screw Attachment

Receptors and Subsill

Receptors are used for multistory buildings requiring installation from the interior or when a more robust installation method is desired.

1. Not all installation methods are available on all products. Check with your local Pella commercial representative for details.
2. This method is applicable for installation of Pella windows and doors only. Pella warranty does not recommend use with other manufacturers' products.


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