Pella® 350 Series Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors

  • A more premium look inside and out.
  • Stronger and more durable than ordinary vinyl products.
  • 2-, 3- or 4-panel patio doors.
  • PG50 performance rating standard. Up to DP75 structural rating on impact-certified doors.
  • U-Factors as low as 0.19.

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Features & Options

Sizes and Shapes – Pella® 350 Series Sliding Patio Doors


Pella 350 Series sliding patio doors are available in standard and custom sizes with 2-, 3- or 4-panel door options.

Built-to-order in standard sizes or custom sizes in 1/8" increments.

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Add transoms or sidelights for flexible combinations.

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Design Data

Design data available for egress, vent opening, clear opening, visible glass and frame area

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1 Warning: Use caution when children of pets are around open windows and doors. Screens are not designed to retain children or pets.

2 Improved window energy efficiency calculated in a computer simulation using RESFEN 5.0 default parameters for a 2,000-square-foot existing single-story home when comparing a Pella 350 Series vinyl sliding patio door with InsulShield® Advanced Low-E triple-pane glass with argon to a single-pane wood or vinyl sliding patio door. For more details see