Pella Impervia Double-Hung Windows

Pella® Impervia® Double-Hung Window

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  • Made with Pella's patented Duracast® fiberglass composite material.
  • Operable sizes up to 3' 11-1/2" x 6' 5".
  • Performance Grade up to PG50.

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Features & Options

Sizes and Shapes Pella Impervia Double-Hung Window


Built-to-order in 1/4" increments.

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Add transoms or adjacent windows for flexible combinations.

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Design Data

Design data available for egress, vent opening, clear opening, visible glass and frame area.

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Sash Splits

Pella offers three styles of operable double-hung windows:

  • Traditional equal vent unit.
  • Contemporary provides the appearance of a fixed window over an awning window, but at a lower cost.
  • Cottage provides the appearance of an awning window over a fixed window, more cost-effectively.

  • Contemporary

  • Traditional

  • Cottage

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Performance Values Pella Impervia Double-Hung Window

These windows provide outstanding resistance to air and water infiltration, wind and outside noise while increasing energy efficiency, security and ease of operation.

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Optional Insulating Foam

Insulating foam inside the sash further improves energy efficiency.

Material Pella Impervia Double-Hung Window

  • Pella Impervia windows are made from Pella's patented five-layer, engineered Duracast® fiberglass composite.
  • A fiberglass composite sharing the same properties of strength, durability and temperature resistance as materials used in the aerospace industry.
  • Allows Pella Impervia products to withstand extreme conditions better than windows made from other materials.
  • Highly stable material won't expand, warp or sag in summer heat, or shrink and turn brittle in harsh winter conditions.
Conventional Fiberglass
Aluminum with
Thermal Break
Nonreinforced Vinyl

Material Comparison

Strength Excellent
Nine times stronger than vinyl and twice as strong as aluminum.*
Very Good Very Good Fair
Hot/Cold Performance Excellent
Withstands heat up to 200° F and cold down to -40° F.
Excellent Excellent Fair
Thermal Expansion Excellent
Low expansion and contraction rate assures consistent, weathertight seal between sash and frame.
Excellent Fair Fair
Impact Resistance Excellent
Withstands impacts without deformation.
Good Good Fair

*In testing performed in accordance with ASTM testing standards, Pella's Duracast fiberglass composite has displayed superior performance in strength, ability to withstand extreme heat and cold, and resistance to dents and scratches.

Energy Efficiency

  • Unlike aluminum, which is a natural conductor, Duracast fiberglass composite offers excellent insulating properties and exceptional energy efficiency.
  • The U-Factor of the Duracast frame is 2.4 times better than thermally broken aluminum.
  • When compared to thermally broken aluminum, Duracast fiberglass composite offers greater resistance to condensation and superior thermal comfort to those seated near windows.

Thermal Expansion

  • Unlike vinyl or aluminum, Duracast fiberglass composite offers low expansion and contraction rates that help ensure a consistent bond between sash and glass and a weathertight fit between sash and frame.
  • Duracast fiberglass composite withstands extreme heat (up to 200° F) without warping, sagging or softening even in dark colors.
  • Duracast fiberglass composite withstands extreme cold (as low as -40° F), unlike vinyl, which becomes brittle in extreme cold.

Impact Resistance

  • Duracast fiberglass composite withstands major impacts without deformation, especially in cold weather.

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Interior Finishes Pella Impervia Double-Hung Window

Pella Impervia double-hung windows feature a low-maintenance, factory-applied powder-coat paint finish in White, Tan, Morning Sky Gray, Brown or Black.

  • White

  • Tan

  • Morning Sky Gray

  • Brown

  • Black

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Exterior Finishes Pella Impervia Double-Hung Window

  • Pella Impervia double-hung windows feature a low-maintenance, factory-applied powder-coat paint finish.
  • Resists chalking and fading even in dark colors.
  • Available in White, Tan, Morning Sky Gray, Brown or Black. And Pella's dual-color option provides more style and design flexibility the products offer a White interior with the choice of a Tan or Brown exterior.
  • White

  • Tan

  • Morning Sky Gray

  • Brown

  • Black

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Glazing Pella Impervia Double-Hung Window

Pella Impervia double-hung windows are available with a variety of glass options for optimal design, performance and budget flexibility.

Insulating glass options include:

  • Advanced Low-E with argon*
  • SunDefense Low-E with argon*
  • NaturalSun Low-E with argon*
  • Clear
  • Obscure
  • Tempered

Pella's Low-E glass options reduce the transmission of solar heat gain and ultraviolet light while allowing the transmission of visible light.

View thermal performance for this unit

*Optional high-altitude Low-E insulating glass may not contain argon in most products.

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Grilles Pella Impervia Double-Hung Window

Pella Impervia double-hung windows are available with grilles-between-the-glass that match the frame color and include a variety of grille patterns.

Between-the-glass grilles

  • Grilles can be removed to get access to other Designer Series window fashions, like blinds, shades or decorative panels, for cleaning or to change the look.
  • Between-the-glass grilles may be used in conjunction with between-the-glass blinds, fabric shades or decorative panels.*
  • Interior is available in unfinished wood, primed, White or matched to prefinished stains.
  • Exterior finish matches aluminum cladding.
  • Grilles can be removed to access blinds, shades or decorative panels* and for glass cleaning.
  • Grilles are 3/4" wide.
  • Special grille patterns are available.

Grille Profiles

  • 3/4" width

Grille Patterns

  • Traditional

  • Prairie

  • Special

  • No Grille

Learn more about Pella Impervia Double-Hung Grille Profiles, Patterns, Spacing and Visible Glass Design Parameters
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Hardware Pella Impervia Double-Hung Window

These windows are available with a range of hardware finishes to meet most design objectives and budgetary requirements.

  • Block-and-tackle balances.
  • Surface-mounted sash locks.
  • Color-matched or optional finishes.

Essential Collection

Cam-Action Lock

  • White

  • Tan

  • Morning Sky Gray

  • Brown

  • Matte Black

  • Bright Brass

  • Satin Nickel

  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Sash Locks and Lifts

  • Pella cam-action locks are designed to increase leverage as the window is closed to assure a superior, weathertight seal.
  • Two sash locks are installed on units 37" wide and greater.
  • Integral sash lift built into the window sash profile.
  • Optional limited opening hardware.
  • Standard lock hardware is finished in White, Tan, Morning Sky Gray, Brown or Matte Black to match the window color.
  • Additional color options: Bright Brass, Satin Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

Easy Wash

The easy wash feature allows exterior glass to be cleaned from inside, reducing maintenance costs.

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Screens Pella Impervia Double-Hung Window1

Both full and half screens with conventional fiberglass screen cloth are optional for Pella Impervia double-hung windows. InView High-transparency screen fabric is available as an option.

InView Screen

  • Available as an optional upgrade on Pella Impervia windows.
  • Allows in 14% more daylight and 8% more airflow than a conventional fiberglass screen.2
  • Made from a screen material that's more transparent than conventional fiberglass screens.

1Warning: Use caution when children or pets are around open windows and doors. Screens are not designed to retain children or pets.

2Screen cloth airflow is based on calculated screen cloth openness. Screen cloth transmittance was measured using an integrated sphere spectrophotometer.

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