Pella Hurricane Windows with Outstanding Impact-Resistance

Impact Resistant

Designed for hurricane-prone regions

Pella HurricaneShield® products with impact-resistant glass provide a great option when designing in locations that endure hurricane-force winds or where additional security or noise reduction is desired.

  • Impact-resistant insulating glass made from an advanced polymer layer sandwiched between two layers of glass.
  • Clear, Low-E or Tinted glass.
  • Offers protection from flying debris while increasing a building's safety, security, ultraviolet protection and energy efficiency.
  • Available in Architect Series® Reserve and Architect Series® Traditional wood or aluminum-clad wood casement, double-hung, awning and fixed windows with similar exterior finish, interior finish, grilles and muntins, hardware and screen options as other Architect Series products.
  • Available in Pella® 350 Series vinyl casement, single-hung, awning and fixed windows.
  • Products require specific installation procedures to resist impacts from flying debris Pella Commercial Services architectural consultants can provide the needed technical support.

  • 11/16" Laminated Glass

  • 1" Laminated Glass

Product-specific impact-resistant information

Detailed impact-resistant information for each window type can be found in the Architectural Design Manual.

  • Most impact sizes and glass types are certified for wind zone 4, large missile rating D.1
  • All Architect Series wood product with impact-resistant glass have Hallmark and State of Florida ratings and certifications.2
  • All Pella 350 Series vinyl products with impact-resistant glass are available with Miami-Dade County NOA (Notice of Acceptance) certification.2
  • Pella 350 Series vinyl windows and patio doors are some of the most durable and wind-resistant products on the market. Up to a Performance Grade (PG) 80 is available.3
  • Pella's HurricaneShield® impact-resistant insulating glass is comprised of a sheet of laminated glass combined with tempered or annealed glass.4
  • For best performance, the laminated glass may be the interior or exterior pane of insulating glass, depending on the product.
  • Glass can withstand an impact equivalent to that of a two-by-four traveling at 50 feet per second.

1 Architect Series wood single-hung and double-hung windows and in-swing hinged patio doors are certified for wind zone 3.
2 See your local Pella representative for specific sizes available with FL Approval.
3 Performance rating may vary by product type and size.
4 Varies by product type. Please see your Pella Representative for more details.

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Designing for hurricane-prone areas is a unique challenge. Let the architectural consultants at Pella Commercial Services help you with solutions for impact-resistant windows that meet your area's specific code requirements.

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