Windows Combination Assemblies

Combination Assemblies

Design flexibility and engineered fenestration solutions to achieve your project objectives

Window Configurations

With the largest range of materials, sizes, styles and features in the industry, Pella will facilitate the realization of your design vision, whether it includes single-window units in punched openings or multiple-window or window/door combinations in storefront, ribbon or stacked configurations.

Punched Openings

A facade created by the orderly placement of single-unit window openings in a wall can be a strong design statement.

Pella offers a wide range of sizes and styles.

Entrances and Storefronts

(Window and Door Configurations)

Configurations that combine entrance doors with fixed frame window units at street level provide virtually infinite design possibilities for creating welcoming building entries at a competitive price.

Horizontal Ribbons

Ribbon windows are an important design element for buildings with sweeping horizontal lines.

  • Pella fixed aluminum-clad wood frames offer elegant solutions for virtually any ribbon application.
  • Our technical staff can assist you with expansion/control and reinforced mullion details to reconcile your design objectives with functional requirements.

Vertical Stacks

Vertically stacked windows provide visual impact.

  • Pella's technical staff offers turnkey design support.
  • Pella will work with you to provide mullion reinforcement or intermediate dead-load support.

Window Walls

Entire window walls are stunning focal points for many buildings.

  • The Pella design team can partner with you early in the project.
  • Pella will ensure that fenestration design and detailing meet performance and load requirements without compromising your vision.

A local Pella team member is ready to help you with your project.

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Our highly qualified Pella architectural consultants are ready to provide full window technical support to help you design, engineer and install a wide range of window combinations, including punched openings, entrances and storefronts, horizontal ribbons, vertical stacks and window walls.

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