Darol Rodrock Foundation

Darol Rodrock Foundation

Darol Rodrock is a successful homebuilder in Kansas City. Among his many labors in the construction industry, one project stands apart – and is closest to his heart. This is a story of friends helping friends and believing in the potential of youth/
building a brand

Building a Brand That Stands the Test of Time

Whether you just opened up shop or you're a veteran in the construction business, we all share the same goal: to grow our business. But building a brand takes time. That's why we sat down with Jeff Sanderson of the award-winning Whitney Blair Custom Homes to learn more about his experience in building an ensuring brand.

The People Behind the Projects

Every day, Pella employees come to work with one goal: to deliver your high-quality windows and doors. Watch this video to see how we continually improve our process with the right materials, the right equipment and the right people, so you get the exceptional products you need to build your business.
How to Jumpstart your digital marketing strategy

How to Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With more homeowners turning online to find information and help for their latest home improvement project, having a digital marketing strategy is crucial to your business success. Learn how you can enhance your marketing strategy by focusing on two digital tactics.
3 Ways to Improve Quality Work

3 Ways to Improve Quality Work

How can you deliver quality from start to finish when working on custom projects? We’ve identified three areas of focus to help improve quality. Learn from our custom plant manager, Joel Barrett, and watch our video to see steps we take to deliver quality projects.