Architect Series Fiberglass Entry Doors

Architect Series® Premium Fiberglass Entry Doors

  • Our very best fiberglass entry doors inside and out
  • The industry's most realistic look of Mahogany, Oak, Rustic or Hemlock wood grains; available prefinished in your choice of stain or paint colors
  • Sturdy, substantial door panel that feels like a wood door when it swings open or closed
  • Exclusive multistep stain process that adds dimension and luster
  • Low-maintenance AdvantagePlus protection system.1
  • PerformaSeal design that provides industryleading protection from drafts and leaks.2

1Not available on doors with a Mahogany Frame.
2Standard feature.

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Features & Options

Panel Styles and Sizes Architect Series® Premium Fiberglass Entry Doors


  • Standard sizes up to 3' 6" wide by 8' 0" feet high
  • View sizes

Design Data

Panel Styles


Add transoms or sidelights for flexible combinations.

Performance Values Architect Series® Premium Fiberglass Entry Doors

Our finest entry doors not only offer exquisite beauty, they provide exceptional performance.

Industry-Leading Protection from Drafts and Leaks

  • Exclusive weathertight dual-seal technology two layers of protection from air and water plus a water management system that channels water away from the entry door
  • Helps block out the damaging effects of even the most extreme wind and rain
  • Low sill that makes coming and going easier without compromising the door's superior performance
  • Standard on Architect Series premium fiberglass entry doors

Performance Matters

Without the protection of our PerformaSeal design, water may enter the home under the door causing costly damage to the door frame and entryway flooring.

Exclusive Protection System Includes Three Low-Maintenance Features that Help Our Doors Stand Up Better and Stay Looking Great Longer

  • A more durable frame. Low-maintenance aluminum with our EnduraClad® protective finish that resists fading
  • Tough aluminum exterior trim protects better than traditional wood trim and matches the EnduraClad exterior frame color
  • Pella's rot-free design.1 Door and sidelight frames sit on top of the sill.
  • Channels water away from the door
  • Helps prevent water from entering home
  • Helps keep door operating and looking great for years

1With proper installation, door frames featuring Pella's optional AdvantagePlus protection system with patented rot-free design significantly decrease the potential of frame rot.

Glazing Architect Series® Premium Fiberglass Entry Doors

These products offer a wide variety of glazing options for optimal design, performance and budget flexibility.

Decorative Glass

Exclusive patterns offering style and privacy in price ranges to fit virtually any project.

Statement Glass
  • Francesca

  • Verona

Select Glass
  • Castile

  • Isabella

  • Madeira

  • Sheffield

Obscure Glass
  • Flemish

  • Pebbled

  • Rain

  • Standard Obscure

  • Granite

  • Mystic

LowE Glass

Provides energy savings and helps protect interior finishes from fade damage. Available with or without grilles.

  • Low-E

Grilles Architect Series® Fiberglass Entry Doors

Two types of grilles are available to fit your project's design objectives.

  • Simulated-Divided-Light grilles are historically accurate; adhered to the interior and exterior face
  • Wrought-iron grilles add security and sophistication, adhered to the exterior face

Simulated-Divided-Light Grilles

  • Available on Craftsman-style doors
  • The historical look of true divided lights
  • Adhered to the interior and exterior of the glass
  • Fiberglass material

Grille Patterns
  • Craftsman 3x1 Traditional

  • Craftsman 3x2 Traditional

Wrought-Iron Grilles

  • Adhered to the exterior glass
  • Available on full or 3/4 light doors with Low-E or obscure glass
  • Two patterns with matching sidelight grilles
Wrought-Iron Grille Patterns
  • Carina

  • Montelena

Hardware Architect Series® Premium Fiberglass Entry Doors

Pella's hardware and accessories allow you and your client to personalize an entry door to the finest detail.

Multipoint Locking System

It takes more force to break through a door with Pella's optional multipoint locking system versus a standard lock.* Just one twist of the thumbturn secures the door in three places at the top, middle and bottom.

Hardware Finishes

Handle Sets

Available in Satin Nickel, Bright Brass or Oil-Rubbed Bronze only.


Available in Satin Nickel, Bright Brass or Oil-Rubbed Bronze only.

San Jose

Available in Oil-Rubbed Bronze only.


Available in Satin Nickel or Distressed Nickel only.

Multipoint Lock Exterior Handles

Available in Satin Nickel, Bright Brass or Oil-Rubbed Bronze only.


Available in Satin Nickel, Bright Brass or Oil-Rubbed Bronze only.

Hinge Finishes

Sill Options

ADA also available.


  • Dentil Shelf

  • Hinge Straps and Clavos

Learn more about all Pella hardware options

* In testing conducted in accordance with AAMA Standard 1304-02, the Pella multipoint lock, on average, withstood significantly more force than a door with a Pella single-point lock.

Storm Doors

Pella's attractive selection of storm doors complements our entry doors, lets air in and helps keep the weather out. Pella offers several storm door styles to suit your project.

Panel and Frame Finishes Architect Series® Premium Fiberglass Entry

Wood-Grain Patterns

Choices to match today's popular interior and exterior finishes.

Panel Finishes

Options include unfinished (ready for site finishing), prefinished stain and prefinished paint.

Unfinished Panels

Can be painted or stained to complement other interior and exterior finishes.

Prefinished Stained Panels

  • Our exclusive multistep stain process adds dimension and luster with richer wood tones than other comparable fiberglass entry doors.
  • Stains complement the colors available on prefinished Pella windows and patio doors.

* Not available on Hemlock-grain doors.

Prefinished Painted Panels

Vibrancy Collection

The latest entry door color trends.

Frame Finishes

A variety of interior and exterior frame finishes are available.

Interior Frames

Prefinished Pine frame in six stain colors and three paint colors.

Exterior Frames

Aluminum-clad frame with a low-maintenance EnduraClad® protective finish in 27 colors.

Wood exterior frame in unfinished Mahogany.

  • Unfinished Mahogany

Learn more about all Pella's interior and exterior panel and frame finishes.


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