Architect Series Traditional Bifold Patio Doors

Architect Series® Traditional
Bifold Patio Doors

2D Cross Section
(Aluminum-Clad Wood Window / Patio Door)
Design and Performance
(Aluminum-Clad Wood Window / Patio Door)
(Aluminum-Clad Wood Window / Patio Door)
Thermal and Sound
(Aluminum-Clad Wood Window / Patio Door)
  • Part of the Pella Scenescape collection.
  • When open, the panels can be folded and stacked into the interior (in-swing) or exterior (out-swing) of the home to create a larger opening. Bifold doors close flat for a uniform appearance.
  • Door panels can travel to one side or open in the middle.
  • Tracks can be straight, meet at a 90-degree corner or curve, adding design flexibility.
  • Sizes up to 35' wide.
  • Available in three wood types: Pine, Mahogany, and Douglas Fir. Available with Low-E insulating Triple-Pane Glass with Krypton or Argon.

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Features & Options

Sizes Architect Series Traditional Bifold Patio Door

Flexible combinations to meet your design needs.

Product Sections

View in-swing product sections
View out-swing product sections

Design Data

View design data for in-swing doors
View design data for out-swing doors

Panel Configuration Examples

  • 1L 5R

  • 3L 3R

  • 5L 0R

  • 5L 5R

Performance Values Architect Series Traditional Bifold Patio Door

These doors offer a variety of glass options to increase energy efficiency, and outswing bifold patio doors offer configurations that are rated for resistance to air and water infiltration.

View out-swing Performance Values

Wood Types Architect Series Traditional Bifold Patio Door

Architect Series patio doors are the only Pella doors available in three different wood types to complement other wood design elements in your project. All wood types are treated with Pella's exclusive EnduraGuard® triple-wood protection so you can expect years of dependable performance.

  • Douglas Fir

  • Mahogany

  • Pine


Pella's EnduraGuard® wood protection formula has three active ingredients. This powerful combination, together with our immersion-treatment method, helps ensure strong protection on every exterior wood surface of our products. The result is advanced protection against moisture; stains from mold and mildew; decay; as well as termite damage.

Because we're always working to further refine our products and develop new ones, specifications may change without notice.

NOTE: Wood is a product of nature; grain pattern will be unique and may vary on each window or door. Actual finish colors may vary from those shown because of the unique nature of wood.

Learn about all Pella Wood Types

Interior Finishes Architect Series Traditional Bifold Patio Door

Interior finish options for panels include unfinished (ready for site finishing), primed, prefinished paint* and prefinished stain*.

Unfinished Interiors

Wood products are available with unfinished interiors so they can be painted or stained to complement other interior finishes.

  • Douglas Fir

  • Mahogany

  • Pine


Primed Interiors

Primed Pine interior panels are ready to paint so that the doors can perfectly match other painted interior finishes.

Prefinished White

Prefinished Painted Interiors*

Wood panels can arrive at the job site with a durable prefinished factory-paint finish.

Prefinished Stained Interiors*

The interiors of Pella Architect Series wood panels are available in your choice of eight colors.

  • Black

  • Cherry

  • Dark Mahogany

  • Early American

  • Golden Oak

  • Natural

  • Provincial

  • Red Mahogany

  • Special Walnut

*Available on Pine products.

NOTE: Wood is a product of nature; grain pattern will be unique and may vary on each window or door. Actual finish colors may vary from those shown because of the unique nature of wood.

Learn more about all Pella Interior Finishes.

Exterior Finishes Architect Series Traditional Bifold Patio Door

Aluminum-Clad Wood

Aluminum-clad wood products are available with durable, weather-resistant, low-maintenance coatings choose EnduraClad® protective finishes or 70% fluoropolymer resin-based EnduraClad Plus1 finishes.

Glazing Architect Series Traditional Bifold Patio Door

These products offer Pella's widest variety of glazing systems and options for optimal design, performance and budget flexibility.

Insulating glass options Include:

  • Advanced Low-E with argon*
  • SunDefense Low-E with argon*
  • NaturalSun Low-E with argon*
  • AdvancedComfort with argon
  • Tinted
  • Reflective
  • Obscure
  • Tempered
  • Custom

*Optional high-altitude Low-E insulating glass may not contain argon in most products.

Learn about all Pella Glass Options

Grilles Architect Series Traditional Bifold Patio Door

  • Integral Light Technology® Grilles are historically accurate; adhered to the exterior and interior face.
  • Grilles-between-the-glass are permanent aluminum grilles that are factory installed between the panes of glass to provide easy cleaning.
  • Integral Light Technology® Grilles

  • Grilles-between-the-glass

Integral Light Technology® (ILT) Grilles

Combine the historical look of true divided lights with today's energy efficiency, structural integrity and water-resistant performance.

  • Grilles are adhered to the outside of the glass wood on the interior and aluminum on the exterior.
  • Between-the-glass nonglare foam spacers, which are aligned with the interior and exterior grilles, replicate the appearance of true divided lights and offer thermal performance vastly superior to metal spacers.
  • Grilles have been approved the National Park Service on a project-by-project basis for use on historic projects involving federal tax credits.

Grille Profiles

  • 7/8" width
    (Ogee and Putty Glaze profiles)

  • 1-1/4" width
    (Ogee and Putty Glaze profiles)

  • 2" width
    (Ogee profile only)

Grille Patterns

Grille Profiles

  • 3/4" width

Grille Interior Colors

  • White

  • Tan*

  • Putty*

  • Brown

  • Ivory

  • Harvest

  • Brickstone

  • Cordovan

Hardware Architect Series Traditional Bifold Patio Door

A broad range of innovative hardware options are available for customers.

  • Munchen and Toronto Styles.
  • Arched or Traditional accents.
  • Bright Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze or Satin Nickel finish options.

Bifold Hardware Options

  • Munchen Arched Plate

  • Munchen Traditional Plate

  • Toronto Arched Plate

  • Toronto Traditional Plate

Environmental Commitment

Learn more about Pella's commitment to environmental stewardship.

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